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It's time to breakthrough to happiness on your own terms.


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I live in Lake Charles, La. I have a daughter named Lyla. I enjoy good vibes, creating content, and being at peace. I am very passionate about mental health, self-love, and personal development.  I enjoy helping other women grow to see how amazing they truly are!

I created this blog to inspire anyone who lands on it. I expect my readers, which are majority women, to leave my blog feeling empowered and not alone. 

mental health/lifestyle blogger, coffee drinker, and A MOM. 

I'm dasia.


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Here on the blog, you'll read some pretty relatable things. I always give off positive vibes throughout my blog posts. I try to create relatable content so that my readers find it easy to connect with me. So are you ready to be inspired or what?

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It's always great to to have a place to engage and interact with others. Want to keep up with the latest from the blog while on the go? Visit my Facebook page and join the community. There you will find lots of inspirational and supportive posts. Be sure to invite your friends too!

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— Sabrina D.

"working with dasia has been amazing! she helped me find clarity and confidence."

"I love dasia's ebooks because she speaks the truth about things people don't talk about."

— Alexis F.

"Dasia's ebook helped me with my anxiety. and i love the worksheets she included!"

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 It doesn't matter how big or how small the issue may be - I'm here to help you become the best version of yourself! 

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