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It's time to breakthrough to happiness on your own terms.


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I live in Lake Charles, La with my sweet beagle mix, Sophie. I enjoy vibing to good music, creating content, and being at peace. I have anxiety and depression and I have had both for quite some time now. I am very passionate about helping other women with anxiety and depression reach their full potential. I put all of my efforts into helping other women see how amazing they are!

I created this blog to inspire everyone who lands on it. I expect my readers, which are majority women, to leave my blog feeling empowered and not alone. 

mental health/lifestyle blogger, coffee drinker, and puppy-lover. 

I'm dasia.


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Here on the blog, I only promote mental health, self-care, and personal growth. I always give off a positive vibe throughout my blog posts. I try to create relatable content so that my readers find it easy to connect with me. So are you ready to be inspired or what?

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Join my private Facebook group, The Self-Care Space. Surround yourself with supportive, like-mind women. In the group, we discuss self-care, mental health, and personal development. I created this safe space for those who just need someone in their corner.

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Are you a reader? Check out my ebooks if you're looking for some inspiration.  Read at home or on the go, either way, they are here for you! I also create mental health and self-care printables that you can find in the shop as well. Purchase these printables to help you live your best life.

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Ways I Can Support You

— Sabrina D.

"working with dasia has been amazing! she helped me find clarity and confidence."

"I love dasia's ebooks because she speaks the truth about things people don't talk about."

— Alexis F.

"Dasia's ebook helped me with my anxiety. and i love the worksheets she included!"

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Don't be shy girl. I'm here for YOU! Shoot me a message and we'll get a connection call scheduled!

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