Dasia Pollard

how to tackle anxiety & depression like a boss

A 30 page ebook in PDF format, packed with mindset changing tips and challenges and pretty printable worksheets to help you in your journey.

I created this ebook because I know what it is like to feel defeated. I also know what it feels like to have no control. If I can take back pieces of my life and tackle anxiety and depression, then you can too!


regaining peace: a step by step guide to putting anxiety in its place

A 28-page step by step guide that will help you take back control of your own life. This ebook is packed with all of the tips and tricks that you will need.

And most importantly, it will leave you feeling like you are much bigger than your anxiety!


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the anxiety journal

This 80-page anxiety journal is full of journal prompts and worksheets to help you start facing your anxiety instead of avoiding it. 

The point of this anxiety journal: To help you to discover healthy coping mechanisms that work for YOU.


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the self-love journal

This 80-page self-love journal  is all about learning to love yourself and practicing self-care. 

It also comes with self-love and self-care worksheets to help you develop a self-care routine that meets your needs.


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the depression journal

This 80-page depression journal is perfect for anyone who wants to manage their mental health. I also have depression and the prompts and worksheets inside of this journal are some of the healthy ways I like to cope.


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