Tackling Anxiety Depression

How To Tackle Anxiety & Depression Like A Boss

By Dasia Pollard

How To Tackle Anxiety & Depression Like A Boss includes a 30-page ebook in PDF format, packed with mindset changing tips and challenges just for you. It also comes with mind changing worksheets and recommended products to help you in your journey.

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Love to read on the road?

There is no better companion to your commute than my book! Get my top secret anxiety and depression advice inside. This ebook also includes:

  • Self-care checklist.
  • Inspirational quotes.
  • Recommended self-care products.
  • A complete roadmap and other worksheets.

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About Dasia

I am a mental health & lifestyle blogger who also has anxiety and depression. I’ve had it for over 8 years now and it is definitely a rollercoaster but I don’t let it beat me. I created this ebook hoping to inspire others to want to tackle their anxiety and depression so that they know they are in control.

I believe that everyone deserves to live a happy life despite their anxiety and depression.

This ebook literally blew my mind. It was really helpful and useful and I would definitely recommend it to others. I enjoyed all of the worksheets that came with it.

Brittany Shadle

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