Regaining Peace

Regaining Peace: A step by step guide to putting anxiety in its place

By Dasia Pollard

Regaining Peace includes a 28-page ebook in PDF format, packed with mindset changing tips and challenges just for you. It also comes with mind changing worksheets to help you in your journey. It will be all ready to digitally download when you purchase.

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Love to read on the road?

There is no better companion to your commute than my book! You can even get it now on Amazon. Get my top secret anxiety advice inside. This ebook also includes:

  • Positive affirmations for anxiety.
  • Worksheets to help you along your journey.

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About Dasia

I am a mental health & lifestyle blogger who blogs passionately for women with anxiety and depression. I myself have anxiety and depression and it’s the very reason I created my blog and then this ebook.

I want to share my tips and tricks with others to help them grow and regain their peace back. I believe that everyone deserves to live a happy life despite their anxiety.

As a person who battles with anxiety, this Ebook was perfect. To begin,
my attention was drawn in from the moment I opened it. I began reading
and just loved all the information that was given. I could relate to so
much of what was said. My favorite was the end with the added
worksheets. Those are so helpful and allows you to think and process.
Overall this Ebook is informative and positive, and I think Dasia did a
great job!

This e-book belongs in the digital library of everyone who is struggling with anxiety. I have benefited a lot from Dasia’s advice after reading it. As soon as I begin to feel anxious and start reading this book, my mind immediately calms down. Da’sia understands exactly which tools you need and how to apply them to find your inner peace again. It’s absolutely worth reading. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with the people who need it in this book.


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